Flashpoint: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaks about what her second term will look like for Michiganders

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DETROITChristmas is exactly one week from today. Hannukah starts tomorrow - so if you’re celebrating, we hope it’s a beautiful and happy holiday season.

I don’t really want to rush past this wonderful time of the year, but, we are going to look into the future.

It was quite a leap for futuristic thinking and dreaming last week when American scientists announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion. More specifically, it’s called fusion ignition. It’s a kind of magic trick. It’s a reaction that produces more energy than you put into it. It’s the energy that powers our sun. And recently, scientists pulled off fusion ignition in a lab. Our current nuclear plants rely on nuclear fission - which leaves us with nuclear waste. That doesn’t happen with fusion - so the implications for our planet are enormous. Or -- is it time to pump the brakes on the enthusiasm since the announcement?

Before that, we’ll talk about the more immediate future and that’s the one about to be sworn in Lansing. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer returns for a second term -- that was supposed to be a tall order in the midterms. But not only does she return to the capitol, but she also does so with a democratic majority in both halves of the legislature for the first time in 40 years. What’s on her nice list? What’s on her naughty list? We’ve asked her -- Whitmer is on Flashpoint.

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