Flashpoint: What’s next for auto workers?

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DETROIT – The Sunday before Thanksgiving sets the stage for a very busy week in Detroit. We are just about at the end of this long and wild odyssey involving the United Auto Workers and the Detroit Big Three.

I found it rather fitting that as we get to the end of the ratification process, President Joe Biden was meeting with Chinese President Xi. There’s a ton of turbulence in the U.S.-China relationship from Taiwan to Fentanyl. But that relationship is at least as powerful on the future of the auto industry as the new contract.

We’ll also talk about an issue that is deserving of more attention than most of us in Detroit media have given it. In a city like Detroit, with its housing and neighborhood issues, the housing commission you would expect needs to be a vital piece of the puzzle. But the Detroit Housing Commission has been plagued by failures.

There are waitlists for homes that run for several years and yet 20% of the commission’s units are vacant. One outlet has been working hard to shed light on the situation. Outlier Media reporter Aaron Mondry will be here to talk about it.

And speaking of housing -- the parade company would like some new digs. We’ll get the update on their hopes to move to the Brodhead Armory, and of course, get you set for the big trip down Woodward Avenue set for Thanksgiving morning.

You can watch the Nov. 19, 2023, episode of Flashpoint in the video player.

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