Bottoms up: Michigan businesses can now have ‘self-serve’ beer and wine

File photo of beer (Thomas Mates)

LANSING, Mich. – A bill was passed on Monday that will allow bars and restaurants to offer self-dispensing services for beer, mixed drinks and wine.

You may be seen self-serving stations visiting places like Las Vegas or Chicago, now Michigan will be joining 45 other states and allowing this newer way to serve those that enjoy drinking.

According to Senate Bill 656, self-serving won’t be allowed at customers’ tables but can be allowed on “beer walls”. These “beer-walls” are simply taps that are easily accessible for customers to refill their glasses. Customers will be given a key card to unlock a tap. These cards are preloaded financially to allow the customer to pay for whichever beverage of their choosing.

While being able to refill your pint when you want and not wait at the bar sounds nice, the new law does have a cap on how much an individual can pour. According to the bill, customers can be served a max of 96 oz per order. The taps will only dispense 16 oz of beer 12 oz of wine and 12 oz of mixed cocktail at a time.

Straight liquor is not allowed to be dispensed under this new law. Businesses are also not allowed to advertise that the self-serve taps mean that consumers can have an unlimited amount of drinks since refills are accessible.

Check out the full bill below.

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