🔒 Craft & Barrel: Michigan university partnering with Detroit brewery to provide training school for beer lovers

Eastern Michigan University’s Fermentation Science program (Eastern Michigan University)

YPSILANTI, Mich.Eastern Michigan University has partnered with Nain Rouge Brewery to educate beer lovers about fermentation science.

Multiple professors are working with the brewing professionals to offer an opportunity for those interested in getting involved in the brewery industry and learning hands-on skills.

According to a press release, a recent survey conducted by the Brewers Association reported that 88% of craft brewery owners are white.

Eastern Michigan University’s Fermentation Science program (Eastern Michigan University)

“We hope that some of these students will choose to attend EMU to seek further education and a deeper understanding of the science of fermentation, but our primary goal with this project is to help provide enhanced opportunities and career prospects for underrepresented groups,” writes EMU Professor Cory Emal. “By helping to build diversity within this industry and bring attention to the depth of the scientific principles involved in producing beer and other fermented products, we hope to attract more students into this relatively new and uncommon field of study.”

Students in the program will receive a hands-on experience like brewing, packaging, canning, inventory and marketing at Nain Rouge Brewery’s Midtown Detroit facility. The press release states that the program is funded by Midtown Detroit, Inc, 3 Mission Partners, Invest Detroit and DTE Energy Foundation and training by a master brewer from Smith & Co. Detroit.

Eastern Michigan University’s Fermentation Science program (Eastern Michigan University)

Participants will also experience field trips to other Michigan breweries and craft cocktail bars to get the ultimate craft beverage experience.

Those interested in the program can apply in July. The course is 12 weeks long and is a four-day weekly commitment.

Click here to learn more about the program through Eastern Michigan University.

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