Clarkston student's video about autism inspires 'Light It Up Blue' day at school

Proceeds from event support camp for kids with disabilities

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CLARKSTON, Mich. – A fourth grader made a video on Youtube in an attempt to help educate others about autism. 

At first the video didn't get a lot of views. That all changed once the right person saw it. The video turned Weston Miller into a star at his school.  

“So autism is a spectrum. No two people are the same if they have autism," Miller said.  

Miller was diagnosed with autism at the age of five. “It basically means your brain processes your senses differently,” Miller said.

He made the video so people could understand why he may act different sometimes. When his teacher saw it, she asked Miller's parents if the video could be shared with the class. 

Some kids didn’t know Miller had autism, and had questions after watching the video. He was able to explain his struggle with the class. 

“Weston is a star in our classroom, and in our school. In our community," Miller's teacher said.  

His classmates wanted to help him raise awareness on autism. That is why they decided to create 'Light It Up Blue' day at school.  The event took place Friday, and helped spread awareness about the condition. 

As part of the event every student dressed in blue, and donated money to a local camp for kids with disabilities.  

When Weston showed up to school and saw all the blue he was overcome with joy. 

“It means that my story was very motivating. It motivated all those people to wear blue," he said. 

And Miller isn't doing any of this for attention.

“I am just doing this so people can understand people with autism," Miller said.  

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