MIT develops online tool to help calculate risk of contracting COVID-19 while indoors with other people

Model based on paper that has not been peer reviewed

DETROIT – Given how widespread COVID-19 is, you should assume that anyone could be infected.

The practical question is -- how long is it safe to be in a room with other people if you assume one of them is infected? Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology used complex mathematical modeling to develop an online tool that allows people to calculate the answer.

Researchers said the best way to reduce the risk is to ensure ventilation and wear a mask. Outdoor spaces are safer than indoor ones and more people pose a greater risk than smaller groups. You can use the tool to find out how long it’s safe to stay in a room of any size or type with a range of 1 to 100 people.

The model can help people wrap their head around all the different things that increase or decrease the risk. However, the model makes a lot of assumptions and it’s only as good as the assumptions turn out to be.

The model is based on a paper that hasn’t been peer reviewed and thoroughly vetted.

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