Metro Detroit doctor who survived COVID-19 but lost father to virus shares his story

Dr. Scott Kaatz knows coronavirus (COVID-19) from every angle.

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit doctor who knows the coronavirus (COVID-19) from every angle -- as an expert who treated it, a patient who survived it and a son who lost a father to it -- is sharing his important perspective on the threat.

UPDATE -- May 25, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 54,881; Death toll now at 5,240

Dr. Scott Kaatz has a unique perspective on the virus and the threat facing the country. He warns the threat is still very present, even though cases are on the decline.

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On Easter Sunday, as families were settling into their couches to watch church services online, Kaatz was preparing to go on a ventilator.

Having already treated many of the first patients to face COVID-19 in Michigan, he was realistic about what that meant.

“About half the patients that are on a ventilator die from this disease,” Kaatz said. “I knew that going in.”

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