Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit

You may never guess that in the heart of Detroit you can find all kinds of outdoor adventures under one roof. Rain or shine, the Michigan Outdoor Adventure Center is a place where you can experience fishing, hiking and even snowmobiling. 

Linda Walter, the director of the center joined us in the studio on behalf of our friends at the Michigan Wildlife Council to tell us about the center. Walter says that the center is a little bit of all the different outdoor areas of Michigan all in one building downtown on the river. In the building you can have a virtual experience of riding a real snowmobile while looking at of upper peninsula snowmobile trails. You can also walk under a waterfall, through a cave and stand inside a human scale eagles nest.

Walter came in to talk about family camping and brought in a bunch of different items that you may need if you're heading out on a trip of your own, including ways to protect your food, a foldable water carrier, first-aid kit, fire starter and more. This is all because they are offering camping programs next week July, 23. 

To find more information about the Michigan Outdoor Adventure Center and everything they have to offer go to https://www.michigan.gov/oac/.

And our friends at the Michigan Wildlife Council are working hard to increase public awareness about wildlife conservation and natural resources so they can be enjoyed for years to come. To learn more about their projects and for more information visit www.hereformioutdoors.org