Are those real?? Find out how to make your eyelashes social-media worthy!

Testing false eyelashes to see which ones make eyes look luxurious

It's almost holiday party time, and everyone wants to look their best. One way for women to get an eye-opening look is with false lashes, but choosing the right ones and applying them correctly can be a challenge.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan showed Tati Amare how to find the right false eyelashes and how to properly apply them. Our Michelle Oliver and Kila Peeples kindly agreed to be our models, trying on a range of eyelashes.

Jordan said to avoid what he calls lash abuse ,which are lashes that are just a little too bushy or thick, and to go for the lighter lashes. For Michelle, Jordan cut the lash in half to fit her eye. He said to use eyelash glue, not one used for hair, and take your time putting on the lash. There are also individual lashes for people who just want a little pop to their eye or don’t feel comfortable wearing full lashes.

For Kila, Jordan applied magnetic eyelashes which are all the rage with make-up artists and influencers. The trick is to line up the top and bottom lashes almost perfectly so it is close to the lash line and looks natural. Jordan said all of the lashes he used can be bought at most beauty supply stores.