Detroit singer dishes about her time on 'The Voice'

Beth Griffith-Manley talks working with John Legend and Kelly Clarkson

She had the chance to work with John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, now Beth Griffith-Manley is back home in Detroit and talking about her experience on "The Voice." She joined Tati Amare and Kim DeGiulio in studio to share why she doesn't regret anything even though the outcome wasn't what she had hoped.

"This is a journey and I'm enjoying it," said Griffith-Manley. "It was an amazing experience and opportunity to even be on that show. I remember the audition process and going through everything and there are not people who made it to the Blind Auditions. So, the fact that I made to the Blind Auditions, I made it through the Battle Round ... and then went to the Cross Battles ... I had a wonderful time."

Griffith-Manley said she is grateful for the exposure the show has given her because she was apprehensive to go on the show in the beginning. Her Blind Audition has more than one million views on YouTube, and her Battle Round duet has more than four million views. In the end, she said she's glad she pushed herself and went because it helped her grow as a person and a singer. "I think in your life there are things that you want to do and there are places you want to go," said Griffith-Manley. "You have no idea what it's going to take to care there ... and I'm just happy I took a chance on myself."

When talking about the coaches, Griffith-Manley said both Legend and Clarkson are the same people in person that you see on the show. Clarkson has a bubbly exuberant personality, and Legend is calm, kind and well mannered. Griffith-Manley said they both coached her to let go of her inhibitions so she would come out of her shell in front of a national audience.

Griffith-Manley still sings background for Kem and will continue to travel with him. "The phone has been ringing and so we're just kind of strategically picking our next steps and moves, but I'm enjoying the process," she said. "I'm still Beth, but Beth is moving a little faster now."