Hunting for ghosts at Detroit’s Bonstelle Theatre

‘Ghostly’ image captured during investigation

DETROIT – Detroit’s historic Bonstelle Theatre could be home to more than just memories.

The theater, which sits on Woodward Avenue, opened in 1903. The Detroit Paranormal Expeditions team have been conducting investigations (and tours) of the landmark.

The Albert Kahn-designed theater is no stranger to ghostly legends, with Wayne State University students swearing by glimpses of the ghost of Jessie Bonstelle, who is said to haunt the theater.

Here’s more background on the theatre from HistoricDetroit.org:

The Bonstelle Theatre was originally the Temple Beth El synagogue, designed by architect Albert Kahn – who belonged to the congregation. The domed building stands at 3424 Woodward Ave., between Eliot and Erskine. During the widening of Woodward in the mid-1930s, the front was drastically changed. In 1925, it housed a theater company and was named the Bonstelle Playhouse, the name that would prove to be the longest lasting over the years. After the Depression, the theater was used as a movie house. In 1951, the theater was acquired by Wayne State University, which restored its name and function as a theatre.

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Uniquely Detroit’s Alex Atwell tagged along for an investigation. Watch the full story in the video player above.

Also, check out these photos captured which appear to show a ‘ghostly’ image in a room inside the former Naval Air Station in Grosse Ile. A friend of DPX, Bill Miller took the picture because he liked the windows. The figure was noticed later when reviewing the photos.

'Ghostly' image captured during Detroit ghost hunt.
'Ghostly' image captured during Detroit ghost hunt.
'Ghostly' image captured during Detroit ghost hunt.


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