You’ll score big celebrating the game at this Chesterfield bar

One of the top 5 places to get wings in Vote 4 the Best!

Chesterfield – Famous for their juicy boneless chicken wings, and their hearty burgers, Bigg’s Bar and Grill in Chesterfield is a pretty busy spot,.

“I think the key to my success was definitely my background, learning from my parents how to really make a good product, not cut the corners, and people notice that,” said Bigg’s Bar and Grill owner, Michael Venditti.

To fully understand his background, let’s go back to the burger, or the burger bun specifically - it’s homemade. In fact, all their bread, from their buns to their pita, are made in house by Michael’s father. Michael’s parents owned a bakery in Chesterfield for many years and Michael spent his childhood there learning how to cook and bake. About 10 years ago the bakery caught fire and was burned down. Instead of re-opening the bakery, Michael’s dad came to work at Bigg’s, making all their doughs and bread.

“He’s a huge part of my success,” said Michael.

After working in the bakery business during his childhood, Michael wanted to own a place of his own and he fell in love with one of the bars they used to deliver bread to. He bought the bar in the early 2000s and named it Bigg’s Bar and Grill. He made improvements to the bar over the years and expanded the menu. Popular items he added include their rotisserie-style ribs, burgers, giant salads, their version of strombolis called flips, and wings. They sell over 1,000 wings a week and offer over 10 different sauces and 3 dry rubs to choose from. Their boneless wings are made from tenderized chicken breasts and are so popular he has had to hire a chef to focus on making just them.

“It’s just beautiful how it progressed throughout the years,” said Michael.

Bigg’s Bar and Grill is hosting a party for the big game, as well as taking catering orders for party subs, wings, and more. If you want to try out Bigg’s Bar and Grill they are located at 48265 Gratiot Avenue in Chesterfield.

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