Let’s do the Time Warp: How to rock retro!

It’s a jump to the left and then head to Time Warp Vintage

St. Clair Shores – National Retro Day is coming up and you may be wondering how to style that vintage jacket you own. The people at Time Warp Vintage in St. Clair Shores are here to help. They don’t just specialize in vintage clothing, they have vintage everything from furniture to toys.

To give your kitchen a classic feel they have 1960′s Pyrex mixing bowls that are white with a delicate turquoise pattern around the outside. These would pair well the anything in that classic 1960′s pink color. Their cute pale turquoise blender would match with it as well, and be that pop of color you are looking for in your kitchen. They also have a variety of vintage toys and knickknacks that would be perfect to decorate your home in.

If you are looking to wear your retro gear, you are in luck! Currently, the high-waisted “mom jeans” and fanny-packs from the 1990′s are coming back in style, so why not go for the original! For those who love to cosplay, or who are going to a costume party, there are several vintage items that could help complete your look.

To see all that Time Warp Vintage has to offer, check them out in St. Clair Shores.

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