Answers to your questions about your pets and Covid-19

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Dr. Kelley Meyers is a veterinarian with the Michigan Humane Society and explained how the coronavirus could affect pets.

Q: Can pets get coronavirus?

A: Current information says pets cannot contract the virus. People who are ill should not be exposed to pets. Prepare an emergency plan for your pets.

If your pet needs medical attention

Call your vet first. The vet is only looking to take emergency cases. Symptoms include lethargy, vomiting, trauma.

For more details about your pet and the coronavirus watch the video above.

Dr. Meyers also answered other viewers’ questions about their pets.

Q: What economical medications are good for dog allergy relief?

A: If you’re dog has been struggling with allergies it’s important to work with a dermatologist to find out what the pet is allergic to. It may seem more expensive ultimately but in the long run it will be less expensive if they can get allergy injections or other medications.

Q: If a pet is chasing it’s tail non-stop, do you redirect them or let them be?

A: Utilize games to distract the pet like a peanut butter filled toy. IfF the game works then it may be a behavioral problem. Make sure to watch the pet in case it is agitated. Working with a trainer will help this. If the toy doesn’t help then the pet may need medical attention because the tail could be causing the pet pain.

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