Here’s how to avoid a clipper catastrophe

Jon Jordan shares his tricks

Many people are trying to keep themselves groomed while staying home, but it isn’t going well for everyone. For guys, using the clippers on yourself can sometimes lead to an unwanted bald spot. Host Tati Amare chatted with Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan about how to avoid a bad hair cut while at home.

Jon shared the story of Scott Steinberg, a model who is frequently on Live In The D, who attempted to give himself a trim and it ended in a clipper catastrophe. Scott decided the best way to fix his mistake was to shave his head.

To avoid being like Scott, Jon suggests thinking about clippers as a small lawn mower. If you are a first time user, remember to proceed with caution. Experimenting with smaller sized grooming tools and using a longer guard on your clippers can help you avoid a big mistake.

Watch the video to learn more tips on how to avoid a clipper catastrophe.

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