New streaming platform delivers all the stars quickly

Dreamworks founder talks new platform, Quibi

Quibi founder on Live in the D
Quibi founder on Live in the D

Binge-watching we all love to do it but sometimes we don’t have hours and hours to sit through our favorite shows. That’s where Quibi comes in. It’s a new streaming platform that brings you entertainment in under 10 minutes,

Quibi’s founder, Jeffrey Katzenberg, joined Jason Carr via Skype to talk all about it. Katzenberg has been in Hollywood a long time. He is best known for starting the studio Dreamworks and he was chairman for Walt Disney Studios during the company’s 1990s renaissance.

For Quibi, Katzenberg tapped into all of his Hollywood connections and got some big names on the new platform. To see who, click on the video above.

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