The Metro Detroit museum is all about Motor City classics

Visit a destination in Chesterfield to see some Uniquely Detroit cars

Uniquely Detroit Stahls Museum on Live in the D

Stahl’s Auto Museum in Chesterfield is a car lover’s dream. It is the home of historical automobiles and most of them were built, manufactured, and designed in the Detroit area. Visiting the Stahl’s Automotive Foundation is a reminder that, at some point, cars were more than just a form of transportation. They were beautiful works of art.

There are typically about 80 to 90 cars on the floor at a time but there’s about 170 in the collection. At the museum, you can also see the collection of gas pumps, road signs, oil cans, and other car-related accessories from the Depression-era.

To take a drive down memory lane and see some of the vehicles for yourself, click on the video above.