You may notice this with your pets

Dr. Bernal has a few suggestions on how to make the transition back outside easier for pets

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Host Jason Carr chatted with Dr. Danielle Bernal, a global veterinarian for a natural pet food brand, about how to help your pets adapt to being home alone again.

Your pets have been enjoying your company at home, but now that you are heading back outdoors it’s important to help your pet with the transition. Dr.Bernal says you might notice that your pet whines and barks more, or is using the bathroom in the house. This is because they are stressed about you not being home.

Dr. Bernal has a few suggestions on how to make the transition easier. She suggests leaving each day for 15 minutes and gradually staying out longer to help your dog get back into the routine of you not being home all day. It’s also important to keep your dog busy while you’re gone. Dental chew bites can be good use of your dog’s time and it cleans their teeth in the process.

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Watch the video to learn how to help your dog transition as life returns back to normal.

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