Don’t forget sunscreen next time you go outside!

Sunscreen suggestion from a dermatologist

Sunscreen Rules for Summer Fun on Live in the D

You may not be traveling as much this summer, but the rules for sunscreen still apply!

Host Tati Amare spoke with Dermatologist, Dr. Lorna Thomas about the importance of sunscreen.

Dr.Thomas explained how sunscreen is even more important when there’s overcast. She said that you are more likely to burn when it’s a cloudy sky, than you are on a sunny day. Dr. Thomas also said that everyone should be wearing sunscreen regardless of skin tone. Most people wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer but people of color should be wearing it to reduce wrinkles, skin texture changes, and discoloration.

For children, Dr. Thomas suggests that if they are under 6 months then you should not apply sunscreen, just cover them up. When your child is 6 months they can start wearing sunscreen on the exposed areas only. The highest a child’s sunscreen SPF should be is SPF 30.

Watch the video to learn the best way to protect your skin this summer.

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