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Beaumont Hospital is keeping you safe in the emergency room

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Host Jason Carr spoke to Dr. Jeffrey Ditkoff, an Emergency Center Physician with Beaumont Health about the precautions Beaumont Hospitals are taking to keep you safe for annual and emergency visits.

Many people are neglecting to visit the emergency department for fears of COVID. Dr. Ditkoff wants you to know that you should not hesitate to visit the emergency department if you have a serious medical condition.

Upon visiting the emergency department, you will be screened for symptoms of COVID. If you do not have any COVID symptoms, based on your screening, you will be moved to a separate area than people with COVID symptoms.

It is important to immediately seek medical attention when in need for a quicker recovery.

For more information visit beaumont.org/safe

Watch the video to learn how Beaumont is keeping patients safe in the hospital.

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