“Shave” some time off your daily routine with this

This Try It Out Tuesday shows why shaving cream comes in handy beyond the bathroom

Hate it when your mirror fogs up after your showering and you need to get ready? Do you end up staining your clothes with make up? Well, shaving cream can supposedly fix both those problems. Our Kila Peeples tries it out.

Sometimes when you are getting ready for your day, you might start running behind because the bathroom mirror is foggy due to the hot shower, or maybe you get make-up on your clothes because you’re in a rush. Kila Peeples has had these problems and decided to do something about it. She found a couple of ways to “shave” time off of her daily routine with shaving cream.

First, Kila tried putting shaving cream on the bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging-up during a shower. Then she tried using it to remove a make-up stain from clothing.

Watch the video above to see if shaving cream helped make Kila’s daily routine move faster.

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