Travel to “The Secret Garden” this weekend

Here is a lineup of family movies to watch

The Secret Garden and more on Reel talk on Live in the D

It’s time to get ready for the weekend with a new look at the new movie premiering in your living room plus some other selections that may entertain you. Movie Reviewer Greg Russell joined host Jason Carr to tell us all about them.

The first movie he reviewed was “The Secret Garden” which stars Academy Award winner Colin Firth. It’s based on the classic book about a girl named Mary whose parents pass away. She is sent to live with her uncle on his estate. While living on his estate she discovers a hidden magical garden. “I’ve told people it is kind of a little bit of like the Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland,” said Russell.

To see how many reels he gave The Secret Garden, and his other suggestions of what to watch, click on the video above.