Have a roaring good time at Jurassic Quest

Enjoy pre-historic dinosaurs from the comfort of your car

Have a roaring good times at Jurassic Quest

Kila Peeples talked to Dino Dustin and Safari Sarah from Jurassic Quest about a new way your family can visit the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are roaring around the Energy Music Theater in Clarkston. Instead of walking around the park you and your family can drive around the exhibits in your vehicle. Families can download an audio clip to play as they drive through the quest to learn more about the dinosaurs.

Dino Dustin believes the most exotic reptiles will be in the ancient oceans exhibit. Jurassic Quest has lots of water reptiles.

Safari Sarah explained that you only need one ticker per car. If your car has more than 9 people then you should call to make a request.

Watch the video to learn more.

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