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What's the Buzz - Best friends with your significant other on Live in the D

Today on “What’s the Buzz?” we’re asking our friends, about their friends and the relationships with those who are closest to you. Joining host Tati Amare on the panel are Jason Hall with RiDetroit, Blaine Fowler with “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, and Marlin Williams, a local speaker, podcast host, and “The Scotchinista” on YouTube.

First topic: Are you closer to your friends than your extended family? Both Marlin and Jason said they were closer to their friends than their extended families, and that’s largely because they spend more time with their friends.

Next topic: When do your friends become your family? Blaine gave a host of reasons why friends can become family, including being able to pick things up where they left off for long distanced friends, and going through life trials and tribulations together.

Following up that topic was: Can you still be friends with someone if you strongly disagree with something they did, like cheat on their spouse or significant other? Blaine said he actually had that happen to him, and it did contribute to that friendship falling apart. Marlin, on the other hand, says if you are her friend, that won’t change anything. She may judge her and check her on it, but they will still be friends. Jason agreed with Marlin, saying if you cheat, that is not his business.

Final topic: Should your significant other be your best friend? Watch the video to see how they answered.

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