Help kids learn to save with crafts

Ally is bringing a truckload of fun to your neighborhood to help children learn to save

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Host Jason Carr chatted with Jacqueline Howard, Ally Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship about helping families save money.

At Ally, there is a focus on economic mobility which starts with financial education, housing, and job training. Ally has a book called “Plan Z and the Money Tree” to help kids learn more about saving and spending.

Ally partnered with Camp to bring financial education to your doorstep. Their big purple truck will roll around your neighborhood teaching kids ages 6 - 12 how to spend, save, and give. A craft the kids can complete is build-a-bank galaxy jars. The jars are colorful and teach kids to create goals while saving their money.

To ensure your kids’ safety, the truck allows no more than 20 students and they require face masks while socially distancing.

To see when the big purple bus will be near you visit camp.com/allytruck

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