Ways to incorporate exercise throughout your busy day at home

Virtual learning and at home working means more sitting around

Sitting all day is not healthy, and you may likely be doing a lot more of it nowadays, so Jody Trierweiler showed us how to weave exercise into our day.

First, Jody suggests investing in a fit ball. You can sit on it and it will engage your core and get the jitters out as you work or do virtual learning for school. You can also stand at your computer, instead of sitting, to burn more calories. Jody suggests using a box instead of a stand up desk to raise your computer.

Also, Jody says 5 minutes of moderate exercise totaling 30 minutes by the end of the day will keep you feeling good and stay focused. Jody showed various ways you can use a chair to get all the exercise you need during your busy day.

Watch the video to see more exercises that you can incorporate into new day at home.

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