Sea Monster Cove brings prehistoric creatures to life

Visit a virtual aquarium and more in this new online exhibit.

Steve Alten, author of book-turned-feature-film The Meg, spoke with Jason today about the latest adaptation of his work.

Alten says that Sea Monster Cove is a new kind of experimental story telling that allows viewers to move around a virtual aquarium and experience the world of the sea creatures. Sea Monster Cove also includes access to books, games, and a web TV series that is set to start next month. He hopes that the virtual aquarium can serve as a place for viewers to get away to during the stress of the pandemic.

One feature of the online experience is a shark cage that viewers can hop into to experience the prehistoric sea creatures face to face. Alten says that taking control of the 360 video and being able to look around adds an extra sense of fear and excitement to experiencing the world of these creatures. But, for those less interested in the scares, Sea Monster Cove can be tailored to range from PG-13 to PG-17.

Access to the experience is available for less than the price of a movie ticket, and can be found at the Sea Monster Cove website.