How to rock metallic fashion this fall

Rethinking a bold look

Styling Metallics on Live in the D

Metallic pieces have always had a reputation as a night time fashion staple, but Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has tips on how to bring them into the daytime.

The point of metallic, Jordan said, is anything and everything. He said not to be afraid of pieces that you may normally think of as a night time look. Jordan wanted to show how metallics can be incorporated into any look, showing off pieces from athletic leggings to more formal handbags.

Jordan said if you’re new to the metallic trend, you can start small, with silver eye shadow, nails, or accessories. Once you’re comfortable with it, you can go bigger with statement jackets, leggings, or shoes. He said to go with whatever you’re comfortable with, and whatever works for you on that day.

For more suggestions on working metallics into your wardrobe, check out the video above.