Celebrate National Pasta Day with noodles that are “Al Dente”

Local pasta company “Al Dente” provides some of the best ways to make your dinner better

Al Dente Pasta Company on Live in the D

When you’re ready to take pasta night up several notches, this local company has an easy way to cook up dinner like a professional chef and it only takes three minutes. To help you celebrate National Pasta Day on Saturday, Monique DesChaine, founder of Al Dente Pasta, spoke with Tati Amare about how pasta has become an even more important staple in our kitchens these past few months. Monique first explained what the name of her company means; Al Dente means “to the tooth” or that pasta should be tender and firm to the tooth in Italian.

Monique said she believes the reason pasta is so popular in households is because it is convenient to make, you can add almost anything to it to switch up your recipes and it is a great comfort food that everyone loves. For almost 40 years, Monique has been making pasta that is dedicated to suit every taste bud, from gluten-free to vegan.

Watch the video above to see the different kinds of pastas Al Dente offers.

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