At this Detroit restaurant, you can try the whole menu

Their romantic patio is perfect for date night!

Dine in the D - Marrow on Live in the D
Dine in the D - Marrow on Live in the D

Detroit – In the mood for a juicy steak? Or perhaps a savory cheese stuffed ravioli is more your style? Well, you can get a taste of everything on the menu at Marrow.

This unique restaurant is actually a hybrid, operating as a butcher’s shop by day, and serving up delicious meals by night. The team at Marrow are longtime professionals in the food industry and wanted to create their dream spot to work.

The founder, Ping Ho, grew up in Singapore going to the markets there with her grandmother, who would always go to the same vendor to pick up a chicken. One day a young Ping asked her grandmother why she always went to the same vendor. Her grandmother replied it was because she knew the owner, knew the way he took care of his chickens and trusted him. When Ping came to America, she wanted to create a neighborhood spot where people could also trust the way their meat was sourced. So they opened up Marrow, which serves local, sustainably sourced proteins. The furthest away their meat comes from is just over the border in Ohio.

They wanted to create a restaurant that paired well with the butcher shop’s mission, and what they created was a very seasonally-inspired, chef-driven menu. That is not to say, however, that one chef rules the roost. While Executive Chef Sarah Welch oversees everything, she says creating the menu is a team effort. They are frequently inspired by the fresh produce that comes in from their farmers.

Since COVID-19 hit, they have switched up their menu and are just doing a tasting menu, which they change every week. It includes five courses: charcuterie, an appetizer, soup or salad, a main entrée, and dessert. You can also choose to add on their namesake dish, bone marrow. While their beef option is always amazing, with them being a butcher’s shop, they also offer an entirely vegetarian option for the tasting menu as well. Currently, you must make your selections for the courses before you sit down to minimize the time your server is at your table. You can make your selections online when you make your reservations, or when you arrive at the restaurant.

To help prevent the spread of COVID, they have a large outdoor patio with twinkling lights, outdoor heaters, and decorated with fresh greenery. It’s very romantic and perfect for a date night. They do offer spaced out indoor seating as well. When you come in, they ask that you enter through the Butcher shop, and exit through the patio so that the flow of traffic is only in one direction, helping to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

For more information on Marrow, watch the full story above. If you would like to try out Marrow, it is located in Detroit’s West Village, on the east side, at 8044 Kercheval Avenue.

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