Favorite family restaurant gets a makeover

Guernsey Farms Dairy is celebrating their 80th Anniversary with a new look and new menu

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Guernsey Farms Dairy in Northville has been a destination for award-winning ice cream, amazing chocolate milk, and tasty meals for 80 years. The owner Joe Kinville talked about their new menu items.

As they celebrate the 80th Anniversary, the store and restaurant space was recently renovated along with the menu. along with new food options, they now serve alcohol.. They’re hoping customers can now experience a full meal from drinks and food to dessert.

They make their own dairy products in-house along with their flavorful ice cream. The Guernsey Farms milk comes from a local family-owned farm near Grand Rapids for the highest quality.

To learn more about Guernsey Farms Dairy and all they offer visit guernseyfarmdairy.com

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