Do you have a monster of an appetite? You’ll need it for this GIANT Southgate burger

Go big and take it home

Take-out Tuesday - Mallie's Grill & Bar on Live in the D

Southgate – We hope you have a monster of an appetite because you will need it if you’re getting takeout from Mallie’s Grill and Bar in Southgate. Here, they have the attitude “Go big or go home."

Their humongous burger, which you can get on their regular menu, weighs in at 10 pounds and is topped with everything: Lettuce, bacon, cheese, onions, and more. While the burger is enough to feed the family and then some, it is not the largest one they ever made. They hold the Guinness Book World Record for the largest burger with a 1,800-pound burger.

Their burgers aren’t the only item to get a mammoth makeover. They have two-pound tacos, two-gallon ice cream sundaes, and one-gallon Bloody Mary’s. If you’re up for a challenge, they offer prizes for eating their burger or 3 tacos within an allotted time. Not only do they do large items, but they make unique dishes like their dill pickle pizza, homemade venison chili, and their Mexican pizzas.

Their whole menu is available for curbside pick-up, take out, or delivery. Mallie’s Grill and Bar is located at 19400 Northline Road in Southgate. Watch the video to learn more.

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