You’ll recognize the actors in these new movies this weekend

Get ready for some drama and some comedy

Friendsgiving and Let him Go on Reel Talk on Live in the D

Time for the weekend which means new movies! Jason Carr sat down with movie reviewer Greg Russell to talke about all about what you can watch this weekend.

Let Him Go

This film is about a husband and wife who leave their home in Montana after their oldest son is killed. The two head to the Dakotas to rescue their young grandchild from a dangerous family after their widowed daughter in-law marries someone new. The movie stars Kevin Cosner and Diane Lane. Greg gave the film 4 out of 5 reels.


This is about a group of friends that get together for Thanksgiving, but with a twist. Ryan Hansen gets in a sticky mess when he goes to Thanksgiving dinner at an ex’s house while on a date with her mom. Greg recommends watching this once the family has left after Thanksgiving dinner and everyone wants to unwind. He gave the film 3 reels.

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