Does fast food get a bad rap?

What’s The Buzz is all about fast food

What's the Buzz - All about Fast Food on Live in the D

Grab a burger and some French fries, What’s the Buzz is all about fast food because it is National Fast Food Day! Joining host Jason Carr to talk all about the greasy goodness is Jason Hall with RiDetroit, Melanie Hearn, a local comedian, and Blaine Fowler, the host of “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD.

First up, does fast food get a bad rap? Blaine started the group off by saying it gets an unfairly bad rap, but Jason Hall disagreed. Hall argued that fast food is good for a road trip... and that’s about it. Both Blaine and Melanie like fast food for the unhealthy guilty pleasure that it is.

While Blaine prefers Wendy’s triple patty burger and fries, Melanie feels strongly that McDonald’s fries are the best. As Jason Carr pointed out, with the amount of burgers McDonald’s has sold, people must like it. Jason Hall came to Blaine’s defense, saying after Wendy’s switched up their fry game, they nailed it. After recently going to Arby’s, Jason Carr wanted to send them some love, raving about their potato cakes. Melanie and Blaine were both unimpressed with Arby’s potato options, but Jason Hall said he loves both Arby’s curly fries and their potato cakes with the dipping sauce, which he said were “unstoppable."

Are there too many fast food options? The whole group said, “no, the more the merrier." The growing menu options for a variety of diets is something Jason Hall applauded. Now many chains are offer meat substitutes so vegetarians and vegans can enjoy some fast food as well.

When it comes to the drive-through, is there certain etiquette you should follow? Melanie took the lead on this one saying to keep the line moving. You should know what you want to eat before pulling up, the menu has stayed the same for ages. She further points out that you should not change your order when you get to the next window. Jason Hall has a little more leniency, saying you shouldn’t change your order, but you can add to it.

So what do you think? Are you pro-fast food? What chain is your favorite? Watch the video above for the full conversation.

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