This bakery is making sure everyone can be a part of the holiday fun

Gluten Free Specialties offers snacks for those with a gluten intolerance

Gluten Free Specialties on Live in the D
Gluten Free Specialties on Live in the D

Baked goods are a staple of so many holiday traditions, but for gluten intolerant people, it can be easy to get left out of the fun. Gluten Free Specialties in Rochester is hoping to provide a safe option to anyone who wouldn’t normally be able to join in on all the holiday snacking.

Co-owner of Gluten Free Specialties, Priscilla Demello, stopped by to speak with Tati about the kind of treats they serve at their store.

Demello said she and her sister-in-law started the business in 1995, and bake everything from savory to sweet gluten-free options. They also consider other dietary restrictions, and offer some dairy and soy free goodies as well.

Demello has celiac disease herself, and said she understood how it’s easy to feel left out during the holidays.

This holiday season, Gluten Free Specialties will be providing gluten-free versions of classic winter treats including caramel apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and more. She also recommended the chocolate paradise cake, which she said is their best seller.

They also provide childhood classics like chicken tenders and cheese sticks year round for kids who wouldn’t normally be able to order them.

Some of their gluten-free treats are even available at 9 different cider mills in Michigan. Demello says the donuts they sell are made and sealed at the bakery, so there’s no worries about cross contamination.

To find out more about how to order from Gluten Free Specialties, watch the video above.