This skincare is made specifically for your ZIP code’s climate

Winner of Day 6 of 12 Days of giving to receive $500 cash and skincare products

12 Days of Giving - Pour Moi on Live in the D

On Day 6 of our 12 Days of Giving, Wednesday’s prize will make your holiday and your skin bright.

Along with a giveaway of $500 cash for each day, there are also additional prizes announced daily on “Live in the D.”

On Wednesday, along with cash, the winner will be presented with a prize of skincare that’s created specifically for the ZIP code where you live.

With Pour Moi Climate Smart anti-aging products, skin is treated and protected by working in your specific climate.

When you order Pour Moi, a ZIP code is entered, and moisturizers, cleansers and serums are sent to help your skin thrive in that specific location.

You can also update your products as the season change.

Pour Moi is also offering a winter winning kit and a moisture control mask for the cold winters in the midwest.

To order your kit and learn more about Pour Moi Skin Care, click or tap here.

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