Get out of debt in 2021: Is it time to enlist some help?

Don’t let the debt of 2020 carry over into the new year, experts say

Get out of debt in 2021 on Live in the D

There has been a lot of hopeful anticipation for the new year, after what most of us went through in 2020.

However, the experience and challenges are still lingering for many, especially for those who are in debt.

Credit card bills from the holidays are starting to come in and some businesses are suffering, along with those who have lost their jobs -- but one law firm wants to help people get back on their feet.

Gold, Lange, Majoros, Smalarz, PC specializes in bankruptcy law. The law firm says it has been helping people and small businesses get out of loan debt.

Debt is impactful because it causes people to worry and stress. Debt can also cause people to have sleepless nights thinking about their uncertain future.

The law firm might be able to help you with your debt by stopping foreclosure and arranging a repayment plan, filing bankruptcy, which can get rid of many debts, or freeing up money so you can pay for food, your mortgage, rent or your car.

Overall, they want to help you get control and a fresh start.

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