This skincare product was named one of Time’s best inventions of 2020

Pour Moi aims to help smooth out your stress lines

Pour Moi skincare on Live in the D

Stress is never good for your skin, and unfortunately, in 2020, the world was more stressful than ever.

Pour Moi Skincare hopes its Climate Smart skincare products can help turn back the clock on some of the aging -- and help you get started on a “new you” for the new year, the company said.

Ulli Haslacher, from Pour Moi, showed off how the product has worked for her.

On one of her hands, she uses the Climate Smart products, and on another, she tries regular moisturizer.

“One hand looks like my beautiful 35-year-old daughter, and the other hand looks like the almost three-times grandma I really am,” Haslacher said.

She said that the most important thing about skincare is the environment -- not age, gender or ethnicity. Because of this, she developed a Climate Smart Skincare specifically for those of us living in the dry, winter conditions of Detroit.

People interested might want to try the company’s Happy New You Kit for the Midwest, Pour Moi said.

The kit contains the Polar Day Cream, which works as daily winter protection for your skin.

Pour Moi also offers smart masks to help prevent “maskne.”

They are made from moisture-control fabric that helps prevent irritation to your face.

To hear more about where you can find Pour Moi’s products, watch the video above.