This Brighton store is pairing cheese and... beer?

Culture Cheese and Beer is mixing up the usual tasting room menu

Culture Beer and Cheese on Live in the D
Culture Beer and Cheese on Live in the D

When you think of cheese pairings, wine is usually the first drink to come to mind. But, Culture Cheese and Beer in Brighton is hoping to make beer the next big thing to pair with your charcuterie boards.

Carly and David Leisk started their business after finding a love for cheese working at restaurants in New York City. They both already had a love for craft beers, so they decided to combine the two and see where it took them.

The store offers specialty cheeses, charcuterie meats, and a bottle-shop style wall of all kinds of craft beer.

The two said beer pairs well with cheese for a couple of reasons.

  1. The carbonation brings a lightness that helps cut through the fatty, rich cheese.
  2. Cheese and beer go through similar processes to be made, including being “cultured,” which is how the store got it’s name.
  3. The basic ingredients of beer are yeast and grain, which are the main ingredients for crackers and bread. Cheese and crackers are a no-brainer, so why not cheese and beer?

Carly and David then taught Tati and Jason about some of the popular pairings the store has to offer.

Tati tried out a goat cheese with a light, slightly citrus beer. David said, “the brightness of goat cheese pairs very well with a winter wheat beer.” Jason on the other hand got to try some bolder flavors, mixing a blue cheese with a coffee flavored stout, which David says is also a common pairing.

For more pairings and to see where you can find their products, watch the video above.