This local store helped dress a contestant on ‘The Voice’

Where you can find her designs and more

Teasers Boutique on Live in the D
Teasers Boutique on Live in the D

Located in the heart of Detroit’s historic “avenue of fashion,” Teasers Boutique is carrying on the tradition of bringing high quality designs to the city. Paulette Williams, owner and founder of Teasers Boutique, talked to Jason about some of the work she’s done lately.

She said she’s been in business for 20 years, and usually works in event clothing. Since the pandemic, they’ve shifted to working in more casual home wear, that she describes as “comfort clothing with a kick.”

Williams even got the chance to dress The Voice star Beth Griffith-Manley for her 2019 appearances on the show. She said that it was an honor to have Griffith-Manley ask for her specifically, as normally the contestants are dressed by the on-set stylists.

She talked about how the store’s location helps keep them connected to the community. When not in lock-down, they often do free events, and outdoor fashion shows to keep in touch with the community.

Williams had her daughter model one of a coat dress that could be worn two ways. She also showed off some of their comfort clothing with matching mask, and a fun question mark blazer set.

“We try to keep everything in here unique, so that the customer will feel like a star whenever they purchase and wear their outfit.”

To find out more about Teasers Boutique, watch the video above.