Why do you watch award shows?

The ladies say it’s all about the fashion

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It’s called Hollywood’s biggest party, and it’s back live this year with host favorites, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The Golden Globes is the first big award show of the season, so how much do you pay attention to the nominees and the winners?

Joining host Tati Amare to talk about the buzz surrounding the Golden Globes is movie reviewer, Greg Russel, Lauren Crocker from “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, and local comedian Melanie Hearn.

So first, what shows or movies are you enjoying? Greg Russell named “The Queen’s Gambit,” a drama miniseries on Netflix about an orphaned chess prodigy as his favorite. “Flight Attendant” is Lauren Crocker’s pick. She praised the dramatic, mind-bending HBO series about a flight attendant who wakes up to find herself at the scene of a murder, saying she and her husband watched it way too fast because they couldn’t help themselves. For Hearn, she likes “Ozarks” joking that the Netflix Drama about a family that runs away to the Ozarks after the father gets caught in a money-laundering scheme, is a good family show. In terms of movies, Hearn likes Disney’s “Soul,” Russel loves “Promising Young Woman,” and Crocker named “The Prom” as her favorite.

Finally, do you watch the award shows? Hearn says she turns on the award shows to see the fashion. Ironically enough, if the award show says something is a good movie, she tries to watch the opposite, because she doesn’t generally agree with their taste. Crocker agreed with Hearn, saying she watches for the fashion as well, however, if one show really stands out during the Golden Globes, she will watch it because we will be hearing about it for the rest of the award show season. Now Russell, as a movie reviewer, Greg does follow the award shows and says sometimes they get it right, and other times not so much. He noted that often, whatever gets named in the first award show often gets mentions in all the following award shows, and that is not always for the best.

So why do you watch award shows? Or do you? Comment below.

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