These organization hacks from ‘The Home Edit’ will have you ready for spring cleaning

These Netflix stars are bringing their brand to Detroit

The Home Edit on Live in the D

If you’ve been stuck inside all winter and you’ve noticed your living space could use some organization help, The Home Edit has your back. These professionals have helped the stars with their closets, and now they’re coming to Detroit.

The Nashville-based home organization team of Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are known from their Netflix show “Get organized with The Home Edit.”

When the two started thinking about expanding to other cities, they said Detroit was always on the list. They said they liked Detroit for it’s central location, but that the team of women working here were what really sold them on setting up in the city. “We knew they could do this and bring The Home Edit vision to Detroit,” Teplin said.

They said that with home organization, consistency is key. A uniform system and matching containers can help make a space look polished and finished. Plus, you’ll be more motivated to keep going when a space looks good.

Next they talked about how color coding is more than just a stylish way to lay out your closet, it’s also a useful organization system. You can identify where everything goes from just a glance, making everything easy to find, and just as importantly, easy to put back.

You can also help cut down on food clutter by zoning out sections of your fridge. They said that when you hold the space accountable, it helps hold yourself accountable. Having a designated spot for everything will help you see what you’re low on and what you’re not using.

To find out more about where you can find more tips from The Home Edit, watch the video above.