3 ways to make your backyard your own oasis

Make every day feel like a vacation

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Spring officially starts this Saturday, and that means it’s time to shake off those winter blues and get your home ready for the season. Outdoor living has been at the forefront of people’s minds since the weather started getting warmer, and with the pandemic, it has become even more important to make your outdoor space be your own personal haven.

We spoke to Robert Randall, one of the experts at Temo Backyard Living, to get his advice on how to make every day feel like a vacation in your backyard.

1) It’s all about the view.

Arguably, the best part of your outdoor living space is ... the outdoors. You want to create a comfortable space where you can enjoy the view. Items like a pergola offer some protection from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy nature. If you want something with a bit more cover, a sunroom with floor-to-ceiling windows allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty without any of the downsides, like wind or rain.

2) Consider how it looks at night.

You really want to consider how your outdoor space will operate in both the daytime and at night. While during the day, you may want protection from the sun, at night, who doesn’t love to stargaze? Perhaps look into Skyview Skylights, which are skylights in a patio covering that you can choose to open at night. They also have patio covers that can retract, which offer a similar option.

3) Manage those bugs.

Nothing ruins a night faster than a hoard of mosquitos. Make a plan for how you are going to manage these pesky uninvited guests. A screened-in sunroom is a great option. You can also opt for one of Temo Backyard Living’s DIY kits, which are now 50% off -- or a full-service option for 15% off until April 15.

Temo Backyard Living has been around since 1968. The company has a 17,000 square foot showroom, at 20330 Hall Road in Commerce Township, where you can get some great ideas on how you can transform your outdoor living space.

For more information, watch the video above, visit their website here, or call 877-223-6945.

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