Need a change of scenery? Here’s how to do it without ever leaving your home

The pandemic gave you a new lifestyle, so why not update your home to match?

Home Interior Warehouse on Live in the D
Home Interior Warehouse on Live in the D

Over the course of the last year, as everyone has spent more time at home, yours may have taken a little bit of wear and tear.

After being cooped up, staring at the same view, it feels like a great time to give yourself an area that’s fresh to look at and be in.

Whether it’s new carpet, furniture, throw pillows or lamps, it can be easy to make your home fit your new normal lifestyle.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr chatted with Jackie Schwartz, owner of Home Interior Warehouse, about how best to give your home a new feel.

A new look really depends on what your home life looks like. You may need a sofa, lamp or just a nice piece of eye-catching artwork. Your new look is also based on your style.

Schwartz said the current trend is contemporary, but Home Interior Warehouse has more mid-century modern pieces and updated traditional style that can freshen up a room, too.

For those who love their place but feel like something is missing, some simple accessories could do the trick: anew piece of artwork or even a tray to make your ottoman more than just a footstool.

If you want to get some ideas on how you can start updating your home, click or tap here.

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