Here’s how you can ensure you have adequate health coverage, and ways you can save money

See what benefits you could be getting

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We are one year into the pandemic, and as vaccines start to roll out and people get back to work, it’s just as important now as ever to make sure our health care is covered.

Dr. Alan Smith from WellCare talked with Jason Carr to help explain Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and what people can get covered.

Medicare is the baseline federal health insurance program available for seniors and those with certain disabilities.

Medicare Advantage includes Medicare Part A, B and D, plus additional benefits. Plans through Medicare Advantage can lessen out-of-pocket expenses, and can include benefits for hearing, dental and vision, depending on a plan.

“We want to make sure every senior has adequate coverage, especially during the pandemic,” Smith said.

He said these extra benefits can make a huge difference, and can include:

  • Transportation to get to doctors appointments
  • Access to fitness memberships
  • Allowances for over-the-counter medicines
  • Flex cards
  • Giveback benefits and more

He said another great benefit is that that the Telehealth program will allow patients to meet with their doctor over a video call right from home.

To learn more about what Wellcare offers, watch the video above.