Dylan McDermott talks about starring in the new Law & Order: Organized Crime

Law & Order spinoff puts you in the world of New York’s mafia kingpin

Law & Order: Organized Crime with Dylan McDermott on Live in the D
Law & Order: Organized Crime with Dylan McDermott on Live in the D

Law & Order is back, but this time it’s with something a bit different. Law & Order: Organized Crime welcomes back Christopher Meloni as detective Elliot Stabler who is joined by Dylan McDermott who plays mafia crime boss Richard Wheatley.

Jason Carr got the chance to chat with McDermott about what he thinks of his character and this new look for the Law & Order universe.

“What’s interesting is that you get to go home with the bad guy,” McDermott said.

He pointed out that usually on Law & Order, the detectives catch the bad guy, and it’s case solved. He said this new series allows them to go where they never have before, and get into the underworld of organized crime.

McDermott said the show is a great opportunity as an actor, because over the course of several episodes the show looks into the family life of his character, really getting to understand how he works.

He said that growing up and working in the restaurant industry in New York, he was actually surrounded by characters like his. Now, he says it’s a “dream come true” to get to be the Kingpin of New York.

To hear the full interview, watch the video above.