These summer programs are perfect for active kids who love arts and sports

Take dancing, singing, acting and more to the next level

PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School on Live in the D

Wondering how you can help your young dancer, actor, or singer excel?

Pageant Atterberry, owner of PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School stopped by “Live in the D” to talk about how the school’s summer programs can help your kids get in touch with their artistic side.

PBA Royal is all about the performing arts, but has also recently added sports and cheerleading to its repertoire. The summer program is for kids 6 to 12, and it keeps them busy every day, with additional activities like horseback riding, skating and swimming lessons.

At PBA Royal, students do performances across Metro Detroit at competitions, recitals, and they’ve even performed at Pistons games.

“Our biggest thing is to keep the kids active,” Atterberry said.

In addition to performing arts and sports, PBA Royal also participates in a program In which they send five students to Harvard University. Kids in grade 6 can get the chance to experience a 5-week summer program at Harvard, with the university covering the cost of school supplies.

New classes begin May 3, and Atterberry said they’re kicking off with dance, music, acting, sports and cheerleading.

Watch the video above to find out more about the programs PBA Royal has available, or you can find them at their website by clicking here.