Here’s one way you can contribute to saving the planet for Earth Day

Look at the type of energy you’re using at home or in your business

DTE Earth Day on Live in the D

Earth Day is all about showing our love for the planet we live on and all who inhabit it.

“Live in the D” Host Tati Amare spoke with Trevor Lauer, the president of DTE Energy’s Electric Company, about how you can put some energy into saving the planet.

People are always encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment, but sometimes it can seem a bit challenging.

No one expects someone to go out and build a wind farm in the backyard, but there are other ways you can contribute in saving the planet. DTE suggests looking at the type of energy you’re using at home or in your business.

The energy company offers a natural gas balancer to offset your natural gas with renewable gas. It also offers a MI Green Power program, which is for residential or business customers. The program allows you to buy additional renewable energy.

DTE Energy is leading the charge with its clean vision initiative. It has 31 solar parks and 18 wind farms that provide 700,000 customers with renewable energy.

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