Sip & stream with these drink pairings

Bottles Nation is helping you find the perfect drink for your next binge-watching session

Bottles Nation on Live in the D

Whether you’re a fan of Law & Order SVU or NBC’s “This is Us”, one company is helping you pair drinks with your favorite shows.

Jason Carr spoke with Michael and Blagica Bottigliero, Co-founders of Bottles Nation about the drink you need sip to make binging episodes even better.

Bottles Nation has mixologists and other tasting experts that create the best drink pairings for your favorite shows. The drinks can range from beer to wine to cocktails or mocktails. The co-founders showed two pairings. One was a pairing for Tati’s favorite show, “This Is Us.” Michael revealed that a Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for watching “This Is Us” because the boldness of the wine will help with the emotion and drama of the show. For NBC’s “The Voice”, the Bottigliero’s suggested a beer that’s a pineapple-flavored double IPA sourced from a local Detroit brewery.

Watch the video to find out more about drinks and show pairings.

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