Need to bounce back after a long day playing golf? Try these tips

Return to your golf game without it being a pain in your neck (or back)

Core Institute shares ways to manage body pain while getting your back into your golf game

Golf courses are filled with players lately, as people are getting back into the swing of having fun outdoors (literally).

While many may be excited to get out on the links, they may overdo it a bit, feeling some soreness or a pang of pain.

A “Live in the D” sponsor, The Core Institute, says it can help you recover from those aches and pains.

Dr. Jeffery Michaelson joined host Jason Carr to discuss how to manage the pain, and how The Core Institute can help, if needed.

The Core Institute focuses on orthopedic and neurological care, helping to ease pain issues from head to toe, the group said.

Michaelson said the best way to combat those achy muscles after a round of golf is to warm up or down.

Before you start playing, start short game to long -- begin on the putting green, a few swings here or there, then move up to the driving range. Once you’ve had a couple of good swings, head over to the first tee, Michaelson said.

Michaelson also talked about the difference between soreness and pain, by measuring the level of pain you are in.

If you are still in pain after you have iced, elevated and compressed the area where the pain is, you might have an acute injury that needs medical attention.

Michaelson said preparing your body for golf in the offseason is key. Stretching and general good health practices will help prevent any pain you may feel after your first few games.

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